Ways You Can Support Cycling to Stop the Cycle's Efforts




How You Can Help Stop the Cycle?

Help sponsor support our efforts to educate for alternatives to drugs by:


Each time we make one of our engaging presentations about the positive benefits of an active lifestyle and the overwhelmingly negative effects of drug consumption we hope that donations will be made by the institution and members of the audience.


Our objective is to raise $60,000 for Smart Kids Don't Do Drugs. This is approximately one dollar for every life lost in the Mexican Drug War.



Companies, individuals and groups that help sponsor the CSC project will be published on the website and be mentioned in any articles written about the journey, a book that is planned to be written about this cause and presentations (powerpoints etc.)


Not all of these people were necessarily innocent victims, indeed many of them were no less than evil perpetrators of heinous crimes who ran into even worse culprits. But if there were no illegal drug trade, if there was not the insatiable market for drugs in the north these senseless deaths would not have occurred. And even the most horrible criminals have good people who surround their lives - parents, partners, children.  Children should not pay for the crimes of their parents but children of drug war participants pay daily. It is estimated that up to 50,000 children have lost at least one parent to the drug war. These are children whose future prospects have been greatly restricted by drugs


Helping educate youth in the consuming nations how to avoid drugs and choose healthier alternatives may mean that fewer teachers will have to have the kinds of talks I did with students whose dads were killed in the conflict. Although I did my best to encourage them to not follow in the steps of their fallen loved ones the truth is that the odds of a child breaking free of the grip of drugs, whether if be as a consumer or embroiled in the production and distribution, are slim without a lot of community support. 


Support for Smart Kids Don't Do Drugs

If you would like to make a donation to our project please see our Donate page for details. For more information about the Smart Kids Don't Do Drugs Society go to:http://www.skddd.org 


Cycling to Stop the Cycle thanks the following individuals for their contributions to be directed to the Smart Kids Don't Do Drugs programs.


Rick Hirschegger, an old friend from grade 3 through high school was the first person to donate. Thank you Rick for your generous donation.


Evan Johnston, former teaching colleague from Mexico and fellow victim of drug dealers who vandalized and burned down the summer home in Nova Scotia that we co-owned. Thank you Evan for the continued support! Hopefully justice will come about in Allendale and the authorities will take action to protect the good people of Lockeport and Allendale, Nova Scotia from more drug-sponsored violence.


Tony and Charmaine van der Eyken - thanks for always being the kind of parents who allowed me to dream and your contribution to our fundraising effort. I know you are nervous about our trip but don't be. I have ridden many a mile and will make sure Felipe is safe. 


Clay and Dorian Slate, thank you for the kind and generous donation. We look forward to seeing you down the road.


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