Our Reason for Riding Against Drugs and Violence

Our journey and support for Smart Kids Don't Do Drugs was inspired by the ongoing tragedy of the countless innocent lives shattered by drug violence in the narcotic producing regions of the world that is fueled by the equally large number of lives ruined through the consumption of drugs in North America and Europe.

This violence has touched our family directly. We have personally seen how the lives of entire families can be affected when a loved one happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Drug use is not a “victimless crime". The illicit world of the drug trade is a cancer that destroys the lives of both consumers and producers, the communities where they live and entire countries. As de facto refugees from the Drug War we know all too well the true face of drugs which are not a recreational past-time, rather a corrosive and destructive force that ruins the lives of millions around the world. Almost a year to the day prior to receiving horrible news from Mexico we were also victimized in Canada when local drug dealers burnt down our summer home.

Illegal drug consumption is NOT a victimless crime. The drug trade as it is today is one of the most violent issues the world confronts.

During our journey we will make presentations to middle and high school students throughout the route, using our adventure, my years of teaching experience and public speaking and  most of all our first hand experience with the most sinister aspects of drugs as well as the wealth of alternative activities for young people to encourage youth to choose life, adventure, nature and health over drugs.


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