Inform Yourself

Innocent Victims


Women and children are too often the innocent victims of drug violence. To learn more consult these websites:


The Female Victims of the Drug War 


The Drug War's Innocent Victims


Civilian Victims of Mexico's Drug War


Civilians Falling Victim to Mexico Drug War


Mexico's Forgotten Victims of the Drug War


Moviento Por La Paz (Movement for Peace) - Spanish language website of social movement for peace in Mexico


Caravan for Peace


Innocence Assassinated - The Living Victims of Mexico's Drug War - Slide Show

















A Heavy Cost


Billions of dollars is wasted associated with the drug trade. Whether it is lost days from work due to narcotic-induced illness, health care burden, crime, maintaining prisons or the millions spent on trying to stop the drug trade, the end result is money that could be used for bettering society for all is not. 


Numbers Tell of Failure in the War on Drugs




Learn more about how money from drug sales in Canada and the United States fuels terrorist groups around the world. The extent to which the narcotics trade disrupts so many lives clearly shows that drug use is not a victimless crime.


Links Between US Drug Deals and Terrorism


A Story Worth Knowing More About


UN Report on Drug Trafficing & Financing Terrorism


West Africa Drug Trafficing


Latin Drug Lords Discover Africa


Brazil-Africa Narco Axis


The Jihadists and Drug Cartels' Pact


The NAFTA Narco Connection


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