Death Due to Drugs

Over 60,000 people in just six years have lost their lives to the Drug War in Mexico. Many of these people were innocent victims caught in the war between drug cartels fighting each other and government forces supported but the US War on Drugs.


Innocent Victims:

Over 50,000 children have been orphaned in Mexico alone due to drug-related homicide. Throughout the world children's lives have been permanently scarred by parents becoming involved in drugs or worse becoming victims to them.



Thousands Missing

Desaparecido means "dissappeared" or "missing" in Spanish. It is estimated that there are over 30,000 missing people in Mexico related to drug violence. Extortion, kidnapping, rape and murder are common tools of drug criminals who look for any means to make money. 



Impact on the Planet

In Colombia alone it is estimated that 2.2 million hectares or 8,500 square miles of rainforest was destroyed for coca (cocaine) production. Toxic chemicals used to make methamphetamines include lye, red phosphorus, hydriodic acid, and iodine. One kilo of finished meth results in 5-6 kilograms of hazardous waste byproducts. These chemicals are often dumped into the ground near a laboratory, contaminating the local water.

Drugs Fill Prisons  

Over 330,000 people are incarcerated in the USA alone for drug-related crimes. The US has 5% of the world's population yet 25% of all the world's prisoners. Prisons are expensive and divert funds from education, health care and other essential services due to a completely non-essential product - drugs. 


Human Suffering

Drug-related deaths now outnumber traffic accident fatalities. Aside from people dying lives are destroyed. The above photos show the effects of three years of heavy consumption of drug methamphetamine or crystal meth.


Drugs and Terrorism

From the FARC Narcoterrorists in Colombia to South American cocaine money funding Al Queda and other Islamic extremist groups in North Africa, money made from the sale of drugs is often linked to terrorism. This connection between drugs and terror is nor restricted to Latin American Kingpin. Authorities have intercepted drug deals and money from small towns in Canada and the United States to terrorists organizations in the Middle East. Innocent lives lost to terrorist bombs and murder are just another example of the toll drugs is taking on all levels of society.


The Cost to Taxpayers - Almost $5 million per day

In the United States alone over $40 Billion Dollars is spend by the government alone to fight drugs. Add to this the cost to individual lives, families, disrupted business, health care for victims of drugs and drug violence and multiply across the globe. Less money required to combat drugs means more money for essential services such as education, environmental protection and health care.

Narcotic Money Fuels Corruption

Corruption is the abuse of power for private gain. Corrupt practices distort markets and stifle economic growth and sustainable development. They also rob local populations – particularly in developing countries – of critically needed resources. Estimates show that the cost of corruption amounts to more than 5% of global GDP (US$ 2.6 trillion) each year. Illicit drug money fuels much of this corruption.

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