Our house after local drug dealers finished with it.
Our house after local drug dealers finished with it.

In September, 2011 I received notification that the 120 year old heritage home in the hamlet of Allendale, Nova Scotia that my friend and I had dedicated seven summers to restoring was burnt to the ground by arsonists. We know fully and clearly who is responsible. So do the local police authorities and all the neigboring good folks of Allendale and Lockeport. However, to date they have not made any arrests for the deliberate destruction of our home. Two of the suspects have been charged for drug related crimes and importation of illegal weapons into Canada. A year later, while still battling for justice in Nova Scotia, we received terrible news from Mexico. Twice victimized by the tentacles of an industry that I never supported. In comparison to the tragedies that unfold daily in Mexico, Central America, Colombia, West Africa, and the streets of cities around the world, our home's destruction is insignificant. At the same time it is emblematic of the sad reality that even in the smallest, most rustic of communities in Canada, far from the cocaine plantations and big city husslers, drugs can impact innocent lives.


If you have information that can help lead to the arrest of the Allendale Arsonists please contact the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Lockeport, Shelburne County, Nova Scotia.


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